"The Ghosts"
Rain of the Ghosts chapter
Rain of the Ghosts cover
Number 4
Series Rain of the Ghosts
Pages 35-49
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"The Ghosts" is the fourth chapter of Rain of the Ghosts.


  • Rain has a strange dream and sees her first ghost (The Dark Man) that night.
  • On Friday, and Rain has fun on a jetski with Miranda and Charlie.



The title refers to the ghost Rain finds in her room.It can also refer to the people she sees in her dream.Finally, it can refer to the geographic location as a whole—the locals call the Prospero Keys as the "Ghost Keys" or simply, "The Ghosts".

Music in Rain's Head

  • Electric guitar rockin' out fifties-style—while she is waterskiing


  • ¿Hablas español? (Spanish): Do you speak Spanish?
  • Si. Por supuesto (Spanish): Yes, of course.
  • Que bueno. Porque Charlie no habla y esto le vuelve loco (Spanish): Good. Because Charlie can't speak it, and it drives him crazy.

Name References

  • Ariel: In The Tempest, Ariel is the sprite who serves as the eyes and ears of the main protagonist (Prospero)
  • Sycorax Island.In The Tempest, Sycorax is the powerful (but deceased) Algerian witch

Name Meanings

  • San Próspero. Prospero: prosperity; Saint Prosper (An Italian Saint)
  • Tío Samuel. Tio: Uncle; Samuel: A Jewish name ("God has heard")
  • Malas Almas (Spanish). Malas: Poor, bad, unlucky; Almas: Souls
  • Ile de la Géante. Ile: Isle; de la: of the; Geante: Giant(???)
  • Teatro de Fantasmas (Spanish). Teatro: Theater; de: of the; Fantasmas: Ghosts/Phantoms
  • Isla Soraya. Isla: Isle/Island; Soraya: female Persian name, means "gem" or "princess"

Pop Culture References

  • Daffy Duck


  • Opie (no dialogue)
  • Maq (no dialogue)
  • Rain Cacique
  • Charlie Dauphin
  • Iris Cacique (no explicit dialogue)
  • Mr. & Mrs. John DeLancy (first appearance)
  • Miranda Guererro
  • Ariel (First appearance, no dialogue))
  • Alonso Cacique
  • Bernie Cohen (dream, no dialogue)
  • Maude Cohen (dream, no dialogue)
  • Rebecca Sawyer (dream, no dialogue)
  • Callahan (dream, no dialogue)
  • Sebastian Bohique (dream, no dialogue)
  • Judith Vendaval (dream)
  • The Dark Man (first appearance)


  • San Próspero
    • Pueblo de San Prospero
      • Pueblo Harbor
        • Columbia Yacht Club
      • Nitaino Inn
      • Versailles Hotel (mentioned)
  • Prospero Bay
  • Florida Straits


Unanswered questions

  • Who are Opie and Maq? Why do they have psychic powers?
  • What is the "Awakening" referred to by Opie?