Silas A. Setebos is a mysterious man who hired Callahan to procure the nine zemis. His motivations and intentions remain unexplained.

Physical description

Insofar, Setebos was only seen interacting with Callahan, and in both their meetings Setebos shone his cruiser's spotlight right in Callahan's face, so only his silhouette could be seen.[1][2] He has a crisp English accent,[3] and Callahan finds his tone dismissive.[1]



Everything about Setebos remains a mystery. At some point before September 4, and for unknown reasons, Setebos hired Callahan to find nine zemis in the Ghost Keys for $50,000 each.

On September 7, Setebos met with Callahan on the open sea north of the Ghosts to collect the first zemi. He arrived in a cabin cruiser and flicked on a spotlight, shining it right in Callahan's face, concealing his face and body from view. Setebos threw a leather doctor's bag with the money at Callahan's feet, and after securing the zemi, he asked if the artifact was authentic. Before departing, Setebos commended Callahan for his good work and set him off to procure the remaining zemis, for the same price each, plus a bonus when the final one is found.[1]

Setebos instructed Callahan to look for the second zemi in the vicinity of the archaeological dig on Sycorax Island, and told him he would recognize it by the image of a bat emblazoned on it. To buy him some time, Setebos bribed or blackmailed one of the university professors into delaying the dig a few week.[4]

When an unidentified corpse was found in a cave on Sycorax Island, Setebos called Callahan to ascertain if the victim was somehow connected to him. Callahan admitted to having outsourced the search. Setebos grew exasperated with the Aussie's lack of concern and intel, and became worried that he might have lost the zemi. He gave Callahan two weeks to retrieve the zemi before considering other options.[3]

Callahan eventually came through (or so both of them thought) and Setebos convened with him, on September 19, to collect what they thought to be a zemi. Setebos instructed Callahan to start looking for the third one in the cemetery on San Próspero and assured him he would email the details.[2]



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Setebos maintains a pretty straightforward employer-employee relationship with Callahan. He tells him only what he needs to know in order to find the zemis,[4][2] but doesn't micromanage.


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