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Callahan is one of the main antagonists of the Rain of the Ghosts series. Also referred to as "The World's Scariest Tourist" and "The World's Most Dangerous Tourist", Callahan is an Australian treasure hunter hired by Setebos to procure the nine zemis. He scours the islands aboard the Bootstrap.

Callahan's sole raison d'être is money. That is all he cares about, and, in a way, his ambition works as a vicarious moral compass, because while he shows no qualms about murdering three thirteen-year-old teens, a bum, or his dog, the mere possibility of that compromising his ventures, and thus his paycheck, will stay his hand.

Not surprisingly, he is rather stingy when it comes to spend his money. Despite being promised $50,000 for each zemi he could find, he outsourced the search for the second one to Milo "Cash" Long for merely two thousand dollars. His adulation of money is also juxtaposed by his total lack of respect for human life, as evidenced not only by the disregard he displayed toward his subcontractor's demise, but also by the relief he felt for not having to pay him anymore. Read more >
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