Miranda Guerrero is a supporting character in the Rain of the Ghosts series.

Physical description

Miranda has large brown eyes and "kewpie doll lips" that gave her a bit of a baby face.  She has wavy auburn hair and light skin.  Although she is more physically-developed than Rain at the time of their introduction, she is shorter than Rain.  Miranda is of Hispanic-American decent, and is 13 years old.


Miranda is shy. She speaks American English with a slight European-Spanish accent.


Prior to meeting her first meeting with Rain and Charlie at the N.T.Z., Miranda was away at a boarding school for most of the summer. She returned the day before school started. Although she grew up on the Prospero Keys, she has acquired the habits and bearing of an outsider, and is different enough such that Rain and Charlie thought her to be a tourist at first. She lives at Sycorax Island. Her family seems to be well off, and she is constantly accompanied by her chaperone Ariel



  • Miranda is named after Prospero's daughter from William Shakespeare's The Tempest
  • Miranda first appears in the second chapter of Rain of the Ghosts titled The N.T.Z.