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• 7/21/2014

Naming articles

I'm having some trouble deciding how to name Julia and Mosquito Boy's articles. My instinct goes to Guanayoa and Jurupari, but should we go with their "original" names or with their most commonly used named?

Any insight?

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• 7/22/2014

I prefer having the article name being the more familiar English terms - I'm guessing Julia will be commonly called "Julia" in future books, assuming they come out, instead of "Guanayoa".

With that said, Mosquito-Boy doesn't seem to be an actual name, just Rain's nickname for him.  So I would call him Juripari.

Regardless, the unused terms should redirect to the "official" wiki names.

In Summary

  1. Main Article: Julia
  2. Main Article: Jurupari
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