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• 4/3/2014

Rethinking the format of Chapters

I'm becoming more and more convinced that we don't need to give each chapter a separate page.  

The reason why this was implemented in the first place is because we came from an episodic wiki (Avatar/Young Justice, which has TV episodes and comic issues) where the next chapter is always separated from the last by a time lag.  

Because books are issued with all chapters intact, I'm not sure there's much need to have them split up like that.  Plus, while I was working on the first couple of chapters, I realized that some chapters are so short that even attempting a 2 or 3-paragraph summary will essentially cover over 60% of the chapter itself.

As an alternative, may I suggest we look at how the Harry Potter wiki chose to implement the books?  If I'm not mistaken, that has to be one of the most popular book series on the planet, and its current format would have passed the muster of a lot of people already.

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• 4/12/2014

I know where you're coming from, but I still believe there's some utility in separate chapter pages. Namely, everything besides the plot summary. I don't think we need extensive summaries, though. Each page could have these summaries, all the while allowing us to have someplace in which to list minutiae.

• 4/22/2014

How about a bullet point summary like they do it in the Divergent Lexicon?

• 4/23/2014

That looks interesting.  Let's try it on a couple of pages.

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